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We provide a quality selection of the best, exclusive brands of luxury and sport cars. Almost all vehicles are equipped with a GPS satellite navigation system and a valid toll sticker for SR.

AVIS Prestige offers a flexible way to ensure all-inclusive rental of exclusive cars and enjoyment from a comfortable ride. We are a Slovak company with a Slovak representation, with a team of specialists for renting luxury cars throughout Slovakia and the EU. We offer unique management at affordable prices.

Among other things, we offer an exceptional airport service that takes you away from unnecessary worries and long waiting for taxis. You can safely leave the plane with the certainty that your car will be ready before your arrival. Ideal service for business meetings when time is pressed.

We always provide our customers with first class service and unique individual approach in all circumstances. The Avis Prestige fleet is made up of exclusive vehicles rentable directly on the territory of the Slovak Republic for every occasion. We are proud to be able to offer you today a selection of world-class brands of luxury and sports cars such as: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche. Here you will find the right vehicle to guarantee even the most demanding requirements.


More than 70 years of tradition of superior service

How it all began

It was written in 1946 when former military pilot Warren Avis founded the first car rental company. The first rental was at Willow Run Airport near Detroit, and in 1953, it was opened for the first time at the old continent. The year 1963 became a debut for one of the most popular advertising campaigns of all time, “We Try Harder”. In the year 1972, real-time rental arrives, AVIS as the first car rental company begins using the Wizard booking software system. 20 years after the opening of the first European representation, AVIS has become a leasing leader in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and today operates in 172 countries and offers more than 500,000 vehicles.

Slovakian story

The story of AVIS in Slovakia is very similar to the American one. At the beginning, there was great courage, effort to push, and constant incendiary to build a World Wide Worldwide rental service. Our story begins in 1995. We had 45 older vehicles in a small local car rental. At that time, only two international companies operated in Slovakia. After getting the AVIS brand in an international tender, we started working on our ranking under the largest car rental. It was not easy, however, the first years were very difficult. We gradually updated the fleet of vehicles and strengthened the position (still not very well-known) of AVIS brand in the Slovak market.

In 1998, we became the largest car rental in the country and in 2000 our fleet exceeded 100 cars.

Our basic rule from the beginning was to rent the latest car news. We have become a car rental for all, available for all types of customers.

The AVIS Prestige brand, which operates under Effective CarService s.r.o., was born in Slovakia on May 1, 2017. Effective CarService s.r.o began initially as a smaller Slovak company with few cars. It has always begun, but thanks to our enthusiasm for cars, endurance, individual customer approach, and constantly improving service, we have been able to obtain and maintain a number of significant clients, whose full confidence we still have in our hands thanks to our exclusive services. Currently, our services are used under the AVIS Prestige brand, where we can boast a strong fleet of 80 vehicles.

AVIS Slovakia history in chronology

1996 – Rent a Car, founded by AVIS Slovakia, with a fleet of 25 cars.
1997 – Recruitment of first employees, purchase of new cars introducing up to 12 categories, the widest offer in the country.
1998 – Leasing establishment of operating leasing as No. 2 subdivision (in 2003 it became a separate legal structure) AVIS became the largest car rental in the country (according to the number of cars, rentals, and branches).
2000 – Number of rents per month exceeded 100.
2001 – Rent a Car sublicencie signature of the first 4 sub-license agreements, opening of branches in the cities Nitra, Banská Bystrica, Poprad, and Košice.
2002 – Van Rental establishment of the AVIS subdivision No.3 in the country, rental of utility cars.
2004 – Slovakia became a member of the EU, implementing the international car rental system AVIS Wizard.
2005 – AVIS is the only company on the market offering up to 16 categories.
2006 – Opening 15 car rental offices throughout Slovakia.
2007 – The total fleet exceeded 725 cars.
2010 – Change of Company Structure to a New Model of a Complex Integrated Vertical Structure under the Uniform Title of United Group Operating Car Rental Services.
2013 – The total number of car rental offices reached 22. AVIS Slovakia has won the Superbrands Award for the first time (Superbrands started its first year in Slovakia).
2014 – AVIS won the Superbrands award for the 2nd consecutive year.
2015 – The total number of categories reached 22 types of cars and up to 35 models, this is the largest offer in the country. The average age of cars was 9 months. Establishment of subdivision No. 5 under the name Avis Maxirent. AVIS won the Superbrands award for the 3rd consecutive year. In the utility vehicle division, the number of rentals increased by 550%.
2016 – Open call centre. AVIS is the first car rental with call centre in the country. AVIS won the award for the 4th consecutive year. The fleet exceeded the magical limit of 1,000 cars in the fleet. In the utility vehicle division we offer for the first time in the history refrigeration cars. AVIS won the award for the 4th consecutive year. Opening 11 offices for rental of utility cars. For the first time in history, we set up a loyal-marketing plan called AVIS Ambassador Maxirent. AVIS’s overall purchase volume exceeded 1.6%. The total number of rents per year exceeded 12,000.
2017 – Intelligent Customer Questionnaire – AVIS, as the first car rental company, has launched a customer questionnaire to improve the quality of its services. AVIS Maxirent Subdivision complemented by a new high-end customer service called AVIS Super Maxirent. The total fleet of the group exceeded 1,300 cars.
2017 – AVIS Prestige brand established in Slovakia with a fleet of 80 cars.

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