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Days count:2
BMW 4 cabrio
BMW  4 cabrio
Price from 144.00€ per day
for rental of 8 or more days
Car features
Min. age: 25Min. age: 25
4 people4 people
1 big cases1 big cases
2 small cases2 small cases
2 doors2 doors
Alloy wheelsAlloy wheels
ISO fixISO fix
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Feel the wind on your face and chase the sun upon the horizon. What you do is completely your choice. BMW 4 Convertible represents freedom powered by 4 wheels. The aerodynamic design instantly captivates you, sports agility will bring excitement and enjoy a dynamic ride with a host of innovative features. Move your drive to the next level and feel with all your senses. Rent an exclusive convertible from AVIS Prestige.