Mini Cooper Countryman

Mini Cooper Countryman

The largest, most frequent and the most threatening mini has been created to handle everything you want you and do not cure. Its powerful mini twinpower turbo engine, along with all wheel drive all4, are played with it. They will provide you with a massive, but at the same time smoothly, with great responses and high reliability. Each exterior surface generates strong visual energy. From dramatic design of front bumper and air inputs to specific headlights everything is all promise comfort and strength. There is enough space for five persons, luggage and the hill of memories that you get ahead. Discover the target for your inspiration today.
From 32 € per day

peopleSeating5 seats

luggageLuggage2x veľký kufor / 3x malý kufor


fuelFuelBenzín, Nafta


airconAir conditioningYes


leatherLeather seatsYes


alloy_wheelsAlloy wheelsYes


doorsColorAccording to the current offer

The number of days counts each started day from the beginning of the rental.

car rental price
€ / day
total incl. surcharges
Start of lease
End of lease
Start time
End time
Number of rental days
The number of days counts each started day from the beginning of the rental.
Pick-up location*
Place of return*
Price for car rental
Surcharge for the place of return
Surcharge for the place of return
Surcharge for unlimited kilometers
Surcharge for another driver
Surcharge for luggage insurance
Surcharge for passenger insurance
Surcharge for arrival at the airport
Surcharge for drop-off at the airport
Surcharge for the Superprotect Service
Surcharge for pick-up at non-standard times
Surcharge for return at non-standard times
Surcharge for a child seat
Surcharge for ski box
Surcharge for bicycle carrier
Surcharge for low age
The deposit is not included in the rental price. You will pay it when you pick up the vehicle.

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Important information


The deposit for the vehicle is paid before the vehicle is transposed via a payment / credit card or deposit on the account on the basis of exposed invoice. Rental costs and payment of returned deposite (backups) are valid at the beginning of the lease.

Obmedzenie km na deň

Mileage limit allowed 250 / day. If you borrow a car for 10 days and you are allowed 250km / day, you can ride a 2500 km / 10-day. It is not a problem if one day get 250 km and others are only 150 km, but you must not exceed 2500 km outcome for the whole time rental. 

When renting 30 or more days, you can drive 100km / day with a total mileage limit of 30days / 3000km.

* The exceeded limit is charged under the category of rented vehicle, in terms of that price list AVIS Prestige.

Neobmedzené kilometre

In our offer there is a choice of cars with a limited or unlimited number of miles.
Price per kilometer beyond the daily limit is set as defined in the Avis Prestige price list.

* The price per kilometer above the daily limit is set in accordance with the AVIS Prestige price list

Detská sedačka

The possibility of renting a child’s car seat within the meaning of the Avis Prestige price list. Children’s car seats can be placed in selected vehicle models. On the front seats, they are allowed to store a child car seat with only a deactivated airbag. In another case, the child seat can be placed on the rear seats.

Nosič na bicykle

The possibility of renting a bicycle carrier in terms of said Avis Prestige price list.

Box na lyže

Possibility of hiring boxes on skis in terms of said Avis Prestige price list.

Insurance and additional services


We provide our customers first-class service and thus our internal accessory service you can pay when renting a vehicle. The advantage of this service is that you do not have to pay participation or. Vehicle damage fee. This optional service that covers one vehicle costs 66 € / 3 days and 19,90 € / over 3 days for each day started. Prices include VAT service not pay for selected categories of vehicles.


Base insurance

All-rented vehicles Avis Prestige have statutory and emergency insurance. PZP is insurance liability for damage caused by the operation of a motor vehicle and replaces the damage to a third party – damaged.

Pasagers insurance

we are preparing this insurance for you …

Baggage insurance

we are preparing this insurance for you …

Dôležité informácie


Záloha za vozidlo sa platí pred prebratím vozidla prostredníctvom platobnej/kreditnej karty alebo vkladom na účet na základe vystavenej faktúry. Náklady na prenájom a platba vráteného depositu (zálohy) sa platia na začiatku nájmu. 

Obmedzenie km na deň

Povolený limit najazdených km je 250/deň. Ak si požičiate auto na 10 dní a máte povolených 250km/deň, môžete najazdiť 2500 km/10dní. Nie je problém, ak jeden deň najazdíte 250 km a ostatné už len 150 km, ale vo výsledku za celú dobu požičania nesmiete prekročiť 2500 km.
Pri nájme 30 a viac dní môžete najazdiť 100km/deň s celkovým limitom kilometrov na 30dní/3000km.

* Prekročený limit sa účtuje v rámci kategórie prenajatého vozidla, v zmysle uvedeného cenníka AVIS Prestige. 

Neobmedzené kilometre

V našej ponuke je možnosť výberu áut s obmedzeným alebo neobmedzeným počtom kilometrov. 

* Cena za kilometer nad rámec denného limitu je stanovená v zmysle uvedeného cenníka AVIS Prestige 

Detská sedačka

Možnosť prenájmu detskej autosedačky v zmysle uvedeného cenníka AVIS Prestige. Detské autosedačky je možné umiestniť do vybraných modelov vozidiel. Na predných sedadlách je povolené ukladať detskú autosedačku len s deaktivovaným airbagom. V inom prípade je možné umiestniť detskú autosedačku na zadné sedadlá. 

Nosič na bicykle

Možnosť prenájmu nosiča na bicykle v zmysle uvedeného cenníka AVIS Prestige. 

Box na lyže

Možnosť prenájmu boxu na lyže v zmysle uvedeného cenníka AVIS Prestige. 

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