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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

List of frequently asked questions.

What does the online bid include?

Number of kilometres in the sense of pricing, depending on the length of the lease (unless otherwise stated in the vehicle description), Comprehensive insurance.

Are there additional fees in addition to the basic rental price?

Prices include all costs for the vehicle. Fuel is not included in the rental price.

What is the total rental cost?

All prices can be found in our price list and are always up-to-date. Depending on the number of days and the vehicle you want, you can easily calculate how much the rental will cost you, including an extra charge for landing.

What documents do I need while picking up a car?

    • Your driving license.
    • Your ID card.
    • Your credit card.
    • Further identification may be required, such as a passport or a utility bill.
    • If you booked the vehicle online, please attach a copy of the confirmation from the email.

    How many kilometres can I do? What if I exceed my mileage limit?

    The permitted mileage limit is 250 / day. The exceeded limit is charged within the category of the leased vehicle in the sense of the AVIS Prestige price list.

    When to pay?

    the invoice issued before the vehicle is taken over. The rental costs and payment of the deposit (advance) are payable prior to the start of the lease.

    What is a deposit?

    The deposit for the vehicle is the amount to be paid before the vehicle is taken over and is automatically refunded when the vehicle is handed over. It serves as a safety device for damage to the car.

    Are there any charges for changing booking details or cancelling reservations?

    You can cancel your reservation 24 hours before picking up for free. You can edit your booking information before renting, including the length of your rental. If you have already picked up your car, please contact us at ph. no. SK: +421 910 777 700, EN: + 421 904 332 280.

    Is it possible to change the vehicle's return position?

    If you have already picked up your car and would like to change your place of return, please contact us at ph. no. SK: +421 910 777 700, EN: + 421 904 332 280.

    Can I return the car outside the office hours?

    It is also possible to return the vehicle outside the office hours, but the fee is charged in the sense of the price list.

    What is the procedure while returning a vehicle?

    If you bring the vehicle to us, our staff will be happy to give you directions on where to park your car. The AVIS Prestige team will check the car and fuel condition and you will receive a handing over report with detailed information.

    What if I need to return the car later than agreed, is it okay?

    If you need to extend the rental, you need to call us as soon as possible on the phone. no SK: +421 910 777 700, EN: + 421 904 332 280. If you have a delay of less than 1 hour, you do not need to contact us. If the vehicle returns for more than 1 hour delay, you may be charged for the next day of rental.

    Can I take the car out of the Slovak Republic?

    The vehicle can also be used outside the Slovak Republic. However, when traveling abroad with our car, it is necessary to inform you about the reservation of the vehicle and you will be given authorization to drive abroad from the AVIS Prestige.

    What if I crash the vehicle?

    24 - hour roadside assistance is provided in case of emergency, malfunction or accident. Simply call the reserved number listed in the rental documents. At the same time, in the case of any event, please contact Avis Prestige at ph. no. SK: +421 910 777 700, EN: + 421 904 332 280.

    When do I have the right for a replacement vehicle?

    If you were the victim of an accident and it is a sufficiently proven, you can claim a replacement vehicle in a similar category you have. However, if you have caused an accident by yourself, you will lose the replacement vehicle.

    Are the vehicles insured?

    All vehicles rented by AVIS Prestige have:

    • Legal insurance.
    • Accident insurance.

    What if I forget something in the car, can I contact you?

    In a case of forgotten things, simply contact us at ph. no.: SK: +421 910 777 700, EN: + 421 904 332 280. Except your name you need to state your booking reference number, the rental agreement number or the date of your rental, thanks to which we can easily identify and check the vehicle. Please note that the loss of property may be kept for only 28 days.

    How can I verify prices without reservation?

    Click on the price list or call us on ph. no.: SK: +421 910 777 700, EN: + 421 904 332 280.